We sell the complete line of Beamshot Laser Products. The Bore Sight Arbor, when placed in the barrel of a unloaded firearm, places a bright red laser dot exactly in line with the bore of the firearm's barrel. Although it does not compensate for the drop of the firearm's projectile at large distances, it will give a near perfect starting point for sighting in firearm's with new scopes or laser sights.

To sight in a new laser sight, simply mount the laser sight on the firearm, install the correct size Bore Sight Arbor into the unloaded firearm, activate the Bore Sight Arbor Laser, activate the laser sight, and adjust the laser sight to overlap the Bore Sight Arbor's laser dot. Then remove the Bore Sight Arbor and sight in the firearm with live ammunition to compensate for projectile drop. Since windage should be nearly exactly on target, it should take only a minimum of shot's to precisely sight in the firearm.

The Beamshot Bore Sight Arbor comes in three different bore sizes.

Arbors are not interchangeable.

All Beamshot Bore Sights are only $88.00

Arbor Size Part Number Order
.22 - .264 diameter BA1 (sorry out of stock)
.264 - .308 diameter BA2 Add One to Basket
.308 - .35 diameter BA3 Add One to Basket

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